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Wendy Singer 


Hi there! I am Wendy, and I provide neurodiversity-affirming Autism and ADHD assessments for adults across Australia. I have been a psychologist for over 10 years, and continue to educate myself about the wonderful differences within the human brain. I firmly believe that people who think differently have, and will continue, to change the world for the better. 

Some of the things that make me 'me'

Other people may describe me as:

Autism + ADHD Assessments 

My goal is to help you be more understanding and, hopefully more accepting, of the beautiful and unique individual you are. We will work together throughout the assessment, and I will tailor the process to suit you as an individual, as I understand the inherent diversity in human cognitions and behaviour. We are in this together, and I will guide and celebrate you as you learn your strengths as an Autistic/ADHD/AutiADHDer individual. 

By the time we finish working together 

I would like you to:​​

  • Have any and all questions answered

  • Feel listened to and understand yourself a bit better

  • Know where to go for supports

  • Know you're not alone and there is a big neurodivergent community

More about Wendy

Home state: QLD

My eye sparkles and SpIns (special interests) include:

  • Singing and piano 

  • Swimming laps in pools

  • The universe - I love learning about the universe and how we came to be. 

  • The human brain - I am currently doing a graduate diploma of neuroscience! 

  • Marvel movies. I have seen almost all of them (and some of them more than once).

  • Animals! Specifically elephants and dogs. I have a love (and sometimes fear) of all animals. 

Here are 3 things I believe with all my heart to be true:

  • Truly understanding another and yourself (to the best of your ability) helps foster harmony and well-being. 

  • People who think differently have and will change the world.

  • The ability for personal growth, although scary at times, is a wonderful gift of consciousness. 

I offer:

I work with:

I can see:


  • Fees for assessments can be found on our assessments page. 

  • There are no Medicare rebates for psychology assessments

  • Health fund rebates may be available depending on your health fund and level of cover.

  • You may be able to use your NDIS funding if a psychology assessment is one of your plan goals.



  • Wendy works with us on Fridays.

  • Wendy's wait list is estimated to be around 2 to 4 months. This is only a rough estimate, as our waitlists can be quite fluid, and sometimes there is movement, which means we might have unexpected appointments that pop up earlier than this. ​

  • While you are waiting, we encourage you to ask us to put you on Wendy's 'cancellation list' so we can contact you if there are any cancelled appointments we need to fill. This can help us get you into the earliest possible appointment.

  • By booking and attending an appointment with Very Helpful Chats, you agree to our Business Terms and Conditions that can be found on this page of our website.​

What happens now?

  • After you get in touch with us, our dedicated admin team will send you our assessment intake form. This form includes questionnaires for the assessment and requests information about your developmental, educational, social and mental health history. Our senior clinicians will then review the form and allocate you to the assessor who has the skills and experience to meet your needs. 

  • We also request your credit card, debit card, or Paypal details. Rest assured that we take card security seriously, and your details are stored securely on our client management system, Halaxy. This security measure helps us prevent theft and fraud. No one at Very Helpful Chats will have access to your card details. If you have any concerns or questions regarding the security of your card details, we encourage you to read more about Halaxy's card security here: Halaxy Card Security FAQs


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