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Our Approach

We are a team of neuro-affirming psychologists, dieticians and occupational therapists who provide assessments, mental health treatment, NDIS support, and OT to neurodivergent people across Australia.

Neuro-affirming means that we understand ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia and other neurodivergence to be natural differences in human development. We do not treat neurodivergent people as though they have 'disorders', 'deficiencies' or 'conditions' that require 'treatment' or 'management'.

You are not broken.
You do not need to be fixed.

What makes us neurodiversity-affirming?

  • We are Auti-ADHD led, and are a neurodivergent majority team - 87.5% of our current team members are neurodivergent (ADHD, Autistic, Auti-ADHD, PDA, dyslexic, lived experience of mental illness etc).

  • We consider different neurotypes to be akin to cultural differences between people.

  • We view support needs through the social model of disability, rather than the medical model of disability.

  • Our services focus on supporting neurodivergent people to work toward self-understanding, acceptance, compassion, well-being and mental health.

  • Our vision is to have families, workplaces and schools better accommodate neurodivergent needs, rather than pressuring neurodivergent people to accommodate the expectations and preferences of others.

  • We aim to understand ADHD, Autistic and other neurodivergent people from their perspective, and work to understand and respect the diverse communication styles and needs of our clients.

  • Your goals are our goals - we don't tell you what you 'should' be focusing on. But, if you need our help working it out, that's okay too.

  • When clients tell us what they need, or when we are able to work it out in a different way, we provide accommodations and adjustments. 

  • We listen to feedback to try and make things better for all our clients.

  • We offer a phone call free service - you can make an enquiry, ask questions and book an appointment without ever having to make or receive a phone call. But, we are also available by phone for all our neurodivergent clients who prefer phone calls.

  • We are a shame-free service - we won't make negative or judgey comments if you're late to an appointment or forget to turn up*.   

  • We are a demand-free service - any suggestions for activities to do/read/watch/try out between appointments are voluntary, not an expectation. It's perfectly okay to not try any of our suggestions. 

  • We attend ongoing professional development, training and conferences led by other neurodivergent mental health professionals and organisations (e.g. Yellow Lady Bugs, Reframing Autism, Autism from the Inside, Monique Mitchelson, etc).

  • We treat our team members as well as we treat our clients. We aim to understand each team member's needs and provide accommodations and support to our neurodivergent and disabled staff so they can keep working with their clients without burning out.

    (*cancellation policy will still apply because we would like to stay in business so we can keep working with our community).

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