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Neurodiversity-affirming Social Groups


A safe facilitated online space to meet other neurodivergent adults and hear about their experiences living in the neurotypical world --- a space to share the journey towards identity, understanding and acceptance.


Virtually via Google Meet


Please see dates and times below


There will be five to six people per group - with a neuro-affirming facilitator to support group discussion. See below for the profiles of our neuro-affirming facilitators who will host the groups as well as information to help  you decide if an online social group is right for you.


Please complete the contact form or email us at:

Once we receive your expression of interest we will email you a quick electronic questionnaire you can complete on-line in 2 to 3 minutes. After that, we will offer you a place in a group or contact you for further information. 


Groups are run over 6 weeks - 6 sessions = $450.

You can pay privately or use your NDIS funding.

There are no Medicare or health fund rebates possible.

Upcoming Groups

Here are some of the upcoming groups we are running over the next few months.

Please contact us for further information about upcoming groups if there are no future dates available.

If a social group is marked as 'full' - let us know if you would like to be placed on our cancellation list so we can contact you if a place becomes available.

Parenting while Neurodivergent
Social Group

Did you survive school holidays?
Feel like you're ready to start talking to adults again?

Have you always felt like you don't fit in with other parent groups?

A Safe, friendly and neuroaffirming online space for neurodivergent parents with primary school aged children and younger.

Let's communicate about, commiserate with and celebrate parenting while neurodivergent.

Facilitated by our Neurodivergent Allied Health Assistant, Kat McDonald, who is a parent to 2 school-aged boys (send coffee).


  • 10:30am Tuesdays NSW/VIC time

Upcoming Dates:

  • 6th of Feb

  • 13th of Feb

  • 20th of Feb

  • 27th of Feb

  • 5th of March

  • 12th of March

Bring a coffee, find a comfy chair and jump online to enjoy conversations with adults where you can be you.

Is an online neurodiversity affirming social group right for me?

You may be well suited to an online social group if you are:

  • Willing to have your camera and microphone turned on.

  • Willing to participate verbally or through assistive technology.

  • Able to keep up with the conversation in a small group setting.

  • Able to listen to other people's perspectives.

  • On the journey towards becoming neurodiversity affirming

An online social group is probably not right for you if you:

  • Are acutely mentally unwell or suicidal

  • Are likely to become distressed talking to other people in a small group situation. 

  • Wish to talk about death, suicide, self-harm, or other very sensitive topics.

  • See neurodivergence only as a disorder, deficit, problem or tragedy. 

  • Like making derogatory or stereotyped comments (including 'jokes') about neurodivergence, mental illness, disability, age, sex/gender, or other personal characteristics of participants. 

  • Tend to behave in a dominating, angry, argumentative, aggressive, or abusive manner.

* We reserve the right to exclude or remove anyone from our group programs if we do not consider them suitable, or if they breach our group rules.

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