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Provisional Psychologist

Gabby Desmond

Welcome folks! Thanks for checking out my profile. I'm Gabby, and I offer neurodiversity-affirming autism and ADHD assessments. Everyone is the expert on their own life. So, as your psychologist, I'm not some guru on a peak looking down at you. We're both on our own climb, exploring our unique perspectives. From where I'm at, I might have a different view of what's happening on your mountain, which can be pretty useful. I bring a lighthearted, fun vibe to everything I do, though I know when it's time to reel it in and connect with contemplation and sincerity. My default mode is definitely jovial and encouraging. I'm super proud of the work my clients do, and I value our time together exponentially!

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Some of the things that make me 'me':

Other people may describe me as:

Are Assessments as boring as they sound?

No! Well, I hope not anyway... during our time together, I hope not only to give you a better understanding of yourself, but also....

  • The ability to identify and advocate for accommodations aligned with your neurodivergent experience.  

  • The autonomy and strength to navigate advocacy conversations and crunchy life experiences. 

  • The knowledge that life comes in waves, and the skills and fortitude to cope when the waves crash. 

  • The understanding that you were the driving force behind all the positive change, progress and growth. YOU DID THAT! 

I offer:

I work with:

I can see:

More about Gabby

Home state: QLD

  •  I'm all about nurturing my houseplant family. Sometimes I get super obsessed, giving them all the love and attention they deserve, and other times, well, they're just lucky to survive! I'm always on the lookout for new and interesting plants to add to my collection and love finding creative ways to showcase them.

  • Pole dancing is my passion. I've been at it for over three years now, and I'm hooked. There's something about the challenge, the fun, and the beauty of it all that keeps me coming back for more. Plus, it incorporates cute 'fits, which is always a win. 

  • I'm also a big fan of beach trips in my Suzuki Jimny with my two furry pals in tow. I'm constantly dreaming up new mods and upgrades to make our adventures even better.

  • Neurodiversity is a huge SpIn of mine-  I love staying up to date on the latest research and developments in the neuroaffirming community. It's funny how I started out thinking I was just an ally and ended up realizing I'm part of the club! 

  • Creating cozy and aesthetically pleasing spaces is another one of my hobbies. I believe that surrounding yourself with beauty can have a big impact on your mood and overall well-being. 

  • When I'm not actively engaged in my interests, I'm often thinking about them—whether I'm tuning in to podcasts or watching YouTube videos on these subjects. It's been a great accommodation for me to tackle tasks I'd rather avoid (hello, housework) and still seek dopamine. 

  • I'm also known for my deep dives into random topics. Whether it's learning about orcas, exploring psychedelic therapy, or delving into obscure historical events, I'm always up for a fascinating journey of discovery. And when I'm not indulging my curiosity, you can find me enjoying festivals, gaming, or hanging out with my neurodivergent friends.

Gabby's fees for assessments

  • No Medicare or health fund rebates are available for appointments with provisional psychologists.

  • You may be able to use your NDIS funding if a psychology assessment is one of your plan goals.


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  • When we have an assessment appointment available, our dedicated admin team will send you our assessment intake form and ask for a deposit of $500.00. Our full assessment intake form includes questionnaires for the assessment and requests information about your developmental, educational, social and mental health history. Our senior clinicians will then review the form and allocate you to the assessor with the skills and experience to meet your needs. 

  • We also request your credit card, debit card, or PayPal details. Rest assured that we take card security seriously, and your details are stored securely on our client management system, Halaxy. This security measure helps us prevent theft and fraud. No one at Very Helpful Chats will have access to your card details. If you have any concerns or questions regarding the security of your card details, we encourage you to read more about Halaxy's card security here: Halaxy Card Security FAQs

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