ADHD and Autism
Identification and Assessment

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Hi - I'm Nicolle Griffin - I'm a Psychologist, and a neurodivergent person. I provide a neurodiversity affirming identification and assessment service for people (16 years+) who think they may be ADHD or Autistic.

​Neurodiversity-affirming means that I understand ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and other neurodivergence to be natural differences in human development.

I do not treat Autistic people or ADHD'ers as though they have 'disorders', 'deficiencies' or 'conditions' that require 'treatment' or 'management'.

You are not broken.

You do not need to be fixed.

What does an Autism or ADHD identification and assessment consist of?

An initial appointment to get to know each other, explore the difficulties you have been having in your life and make a decision about whether to go ahead with a full assessment. 

For Autism: a neurodiversity-affirming assessment consists of us talking, me asking you questions using a structured diagnostic interview (the MIGDAS-2), you filling in online questionnaires - for both Autism and other neurodivergency - particularly ADHD - as many people are both, and me asking you questions to screen for other potential reasons for your difficulties. 

For ADHDa neurodiversity-affirming assessment consists of us talking, me asking you questions using a structured diagnostic interview (the DIVA-5), you filling in online questionnaires - for both ADHD and other neurodivergency - particularly Autism - as many people are both, and me asking you questions to screen for other potential reasons for your difficulties.

*** a note about ADHD assessments: if you have any interest in trialling ADHD stimulant medication I'd recommend asking your GP for a referral to an ADHD psychiatrist. This saves you from having to go through two assessments. If you are not wishing to consider ADHD medication right now or at all, you can be assessed by either a psychologist or psychiatrist. 

For NDIS applications: for Autistic clients wishing to apply for NDIS funding, I will also add an online questionnaire and interview questions to explore what is called your "adaptive behaviour" or "functional capacity". Unfortunately, the NDIS considers ADHD to be a "medical condition" and not a "disability" that affects your adaptive behaviour or functional capacity, and so an application to the NDIS for ADHD without any other disability diagnoses is very unlikely to meet their eligibility criteria.

Assessment Fees:

Identification and Assessment

Initial appointment: $500.00 for 120 minutes.

Subsequent appointments: $220.00 for 50 minutes.


Report Fees:

A very brief letter confirming your ADHD or Autism that I can write in the appointment.

- Included in the appointment fee.


A letter (3-4 pages) confirming ADHD or Autism and how you meet DSM-5 diagnostic criteria.

- Approximately 2 hours work - $500.00

A full diagnostic report (8 to 12 pages) documenting your developmental history, how you meet DSM-5 diagnostic criteria and results of adaptive behaviour assessment (if required). If you are interested in applying for the NDIS you are likely to need a full diagnostic report.

- Approximately 4 to 5 hours work - $1000.00 to $1250.00

Note: Medicare will not pay rebates for ADHD or Autism assessments - not the appointments or a letter or report. We acknowledge this is an expensive service to pay for privately. You may be able to use your private health insurance to pay for appointments, or your NDIS plan, if you already have one, to pay for both the appointments and a report. Talk to us about your funding options.

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Assessment availability:

Due to the strong demand for neurodiversity-affirming assessments, I cannot schedule new assessments in the immediate future. I would be happy to place you on my waitlist for my next available assessment appointment.

Approximate waiting time: I will be only taking on new assessments during the NSW school terms. I'm looking at being able to offer assessment appointments in Term 4 (November to December 2022).


Please email Leigh at to add yourself to my waitlist. 

Other options:

  • I am still accepting new clients for mental health treatment and coaching. Self-identification of Autism and ADHD is valid in the neurodivergent community; you don't need a formal diagnosis for us to work together on difficulties existing in the neurotypical world.

  • If you are seeking an assessment of ADHD and you're interested in trialing stimulant medication, it may be more efficient to ask your GP for a referral directly to a psychiatrist who accepts ADHD referrals. If you have a GP who won't give you a referral to a psychiatrist, you can make an appointment to speak to me for mental health treatment and we can work on getting you a referral to psychiatry (note: I cannot write a referral to a psychiatrist for you, that must come from your GP).​​

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