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Thank you!

Very Helpful Chats - ND - Welcome (2).png
Very Helpful Chats - ND - Welcome (2).png

The submit button has worked as expected and your details are now headed to our inbox - we're excited you found us!

Without meaning to sound boastful, some days we are quite popular and the enquiries overflow the admin inbox. Our all-neurodivergent admin team work their seamfree socks off coordinating the clinical team and all of our enquiries, bookings, appointments, invoices, marketing, etc.

We are only able to help as many neurokin as we do because of our hardworking admin team - so we would appreciate you being super kind to them! They will try their best to respond to your enquiry within 2 to 3 business days.


Sparkly regards,

Very Helpful Chats

Very Helpful Chats - ND - Welcome (2).png
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