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ADHD Coaching

What Is Occupational Therapy (OT)?

Occupational Therapy is a form of therapy that focuses on helping people develop, recover, or maintain the skills they need for daily living. It's not just about work or jobs; it encompasses any and all activities that "occupy" a person's time. For neurodivergent people, OT can be a vital resource in helping you live in a neurotypical world and improve the overall quality of your daily life.


OTs work closely with you to understand your specific needs and challenges. They tailor interventions and activities to help you build and improve your skills. Our OTs provide a safe and supportive online space that encourages neurodivergent people to understand and accept themselves and learn new skills, strategies and life hacks to get by!

Our OTs can help with

Executive Functioning:

Executive functions are mental processes for getting things done, starting from the desire to do something, and then persevering until it is actually accomplished. Executive functions include: activation, effort, focus, emotion, working memory, and action. OTs can help you with strategies to target all of these problem areas to make your daily tasks, life commitments and responsibilities more manageable. ​

The Sensory World:

We will assist you to understand your sensory profile, help you work out what changes you can make to your environment, and what accommodations you can ask for to reduce how overwhelming the sensory world is and improve your sensory comfort and even find sensory joy!

ADHD Coaching:

Our OTs can help ADHDers with strategies and skills to get started on important tasks and projects, switch tasks when needed, organise and plan more effectively, remember important commitments, improving focus, working out how to stay motivated and learning to better self-monitor and regulate if there are difficulties with impulsivity, hyperactivity, or heightened emotions.

Apps, Tech, Gadgets and Cool Things:

The modern world brings a lot of challenges for neurodivergent people - but there are also a lot of useful and helpful apps, gadgets and technology out there to help us navigate this world. An OT's goal is to help you simplify your cognitive load through knowing what modern tech is out there that could make your life easier - and take the pressure off our exhausted brains.

Our All Star OT Team

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